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Friends talking outside the church:

"Whose the best man? He is very hot!"

"Is he single?"

"That’s that detective guy, the dead one."


"You know the one that was framed, faked his death and then came back and cleared his name. That guy."

"Sherlock Holmes?"


"That’s the best man? Sherlock Holmes?"

"Oh my God!! Mary’s John Watson is THAT John Watson?"

"No, can’t be. Mary’s John is a doctor"

"Right…Doctor John Watson, Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes."

"Oh shit. I had no idea."

"Weren’t they….gay?"

"The tabloids certainly painted them as together. Like ‘gay’ together."

"They were a couple. I remember reading it in the Daily Mail.”

"He’s marrying MARY. Our Mary. Does she know?"

"She has to know."

"We need to speak to her."

"On her wedding day? Oh yeah; ‘hey Mary do you know that the groom and best man were a prominent gay couple?’ Yeah right, that’s what she wants to hear as she’s just made her vows."

"Have you seen the way they look at each other?"

"Who? Mary and John?"

"No!! Bloody Sherlock Holmes and John."


"It did strike me a bit odd. Gazing at each other."

"When Mary isn’t looking John looks sad."

"Holmes looks either furious or bored."

"He’s smiling a bit."

"He is handsome. In that suit he looks gorgeous."

"Wonder what his speech will be like?"

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Not the lightest, happiest thing to scroll past… Couldn’t help but repost @seekthetruth. If you are watching the World Cup, don’t forget to remember the people who are protesting against corruption and greed, those who got evicted from their homes and the people who are being exploited all for the sake of entertainment 🌍💚💭👣 just because our media doesn’t show what our “entertainment” is doing to these people, doesn’t mean we should ignore the reality #awareness #onelove #unity

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